15 October 2017, Historical Date at The Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa

15 October 2017, Historical Date at The Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa

23 October 2017

Kobuleti - a small historical town known by its unique, rich Black Sea or mountain climate recourse, a town where numerous preventive and rehabilitation aspects are gathered.

Kobuleti, which, from the ancient times, was famous for its unique and reach Black Sea and mountain climatic resources, is a small historical town, where a number of preventive and rehabilitation aspects are concentrated. In regards of cardiovascular rehabilitation and preventive point of view, the climate is distinguished with the outstanding positive medical effect that is outlined in different researches declarations and world congresses.

October 15, 2017 is an important historical date for 5 Star Hotel Georgia Palace, located in Kobuleti, where leading professors of medical sphere signed the declaration proving possibilities of outstanding climatic resources.

It also should be noted that the ceremony of signing of this extremely important declaration took place properly at the hotel which presents unified rest-relaxation and health-improvement, due to its location, over the years, the hotel hosted and served  rehabilitation-preventive services for the guests with cardiovascular diseases. This is the place with scientifically researched and proved outstanding sea air, the sea is deeper  than the standard and the climate is special non-diversified, the mixture of the sea and mountain air provides a great positive influence upon the persons with the noted diseases, the local climate also is positive for    heartsease and relaxation, all around the year. Well known and widely spread in medicine, term “thalassotherapy”,  which unifies treatment by the sea, sea climate, sea-water baths and sand, requires the appropriate place at which Hotel Georgia Palace is located, providing combination of harmonically combined positive effects of the synthesis of sea, sand and mountain.

October 15, 2017 is a beginning of implementation of the greatest climatic possibilitites of the place that this place has from long since.